participation trophies have got to go.

Youth sports are a beautiful thing. They encourage kids to get out and be active, while also helping them build friendships that will most likely last a lifetime. They teach lifelong skills, such as teamwork and work ethic, that the children can apply to their lives every single day as they grow older. They begin holding these kids to a higher standard at young age which, in my opinion, will help mold them into better people, employees, and parents when that time comes for them. This is what youth sports were about when I was growing up and I am so grateful for those days.

Nowadays though, youth sports leagues are watering down their ability to truly teach kids valuable lessons by handing every single participant a trophy. They have stopped holding each and every kid to the highest possible standard, and have begun calling absolutely anything “success.”

Little Johnny has missed five of the team’s 10 practices but he is on the roster so he deserves a trophy. No, I am sorry but he doesn’t deserve a trophy and by handing him one you have made his being absent all those times perfectly acceptable. We need to get back to the days where teaching Johnny a life lesson by explaining that his absences were unacceptable is just as good as a trophy.

Trophies will break, or disappear, or be shoved in shoebox in the back of the closet but giving these children life skills that they can utilize every single day will never disappear. It will always maintain its worth, and in my opinion that is what truly matters.


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