Bring Baseball to CSC.

How does one decide what sport should be added when a college makes the decision to do so? There are too many great options to choose from and the current Title IX requirements make the decision that much tougher. Women’s soccer, men’s volleyball, swimming, ice or field hockey, all of these are fantastic options, especially on a campus like Chadron State College. With just the basic sports available here, the sports climate on campus can get a little dull and the lack of a highly popular spring sport means that there really is not anything to watch for the last half of the spring semester.

All of this leads me to believe that baseball would be CSC’s best option, and its simple implementation only adds to its appeal. First, baseball is that shot in the arm during the spring sports season that the school needs. Baseball is America’s sport and its popularity can’t be matched by any other sport during the time frame that it is played. Also, its presence in a town that is filled with legion baseball teams during the summer would only amp up the excitement for the community leading into those summer games. This would lead to an electric atmosphere which would pump revenue into the college almost immediately.

Also, the existence of a full size ball park across the tracks means that a new field wouldn’t have to be built right away. Clean ups could occur on the current field and the team could play their first few years there while generating the revenue needed to build a new field closer to campus.

Finally, the existing competition means that travel would not become a problem. The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference already has nine baseball teams so CSC’s team would make an even 10. The travel is no further than any of the other sports teams’. All of this makes for a competitive playing field right off the bat.

All of these pros make me think that in this hypothetical situation, baseball is hands down the best option for Chadron State College.


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